GROT is a project that was created by two developers. It differs from other projects in that the games take us to the era of story corridor games, which for some reason the creators have stopped releasing. This is what you were looking for if you missed projects like Max Payne, Enter the Matrix and Freedom Fighters. Created exclusively for fans of dense shootouts and intrigues like "what's waiting for me around the corner!".

Plot: After the elections, Defense Minister Samoilov seizes power in the country and creates a dictatorial regime. We play as an unnamed hero, a former military man. Unfortunately for him, Samoilov's armed followers force the protagonist to take up arms. In the game, we have to restore justice and lead our fellow citizens to a happy future.

About Developer

TwoLex is a team of two Alexeys. We are the generation that grew up on such games as Prince of Persia and Medal of Honor. For us, creating games is a dream. And the thought of future users excites our hearts.