Project Introduction

Greenscape. A frenzied mix of the popular Spider, Match 5 and 6 Towers. 20 levels are built according to the biblical storyline - first you get the Light. Then the Heaven, the Earth, the Grass, the Rabbit and Lewis Carroll, and then I don't know, because no one could overcome the level 17.

Inside the levels, an ever-growing ever-increasing solitaire game. It is necessary to match colored bricks, moving them across tops of the towers. Five or more neighbors of the same color are destroyed. As the difficulty increases, new targets and heroes appear - moles, rabbits, carrots, cacti and rotten tomatoes. Without rotten tomatoes, levels above the 10th cannot be passed. But the very mechanics of the game remain unchanged and magic.

You can only move the top bricks from tower to tower. And the seemingly easy game turns into an addicting puzzle game. I confess - I have been playing it since December 2020 and still spend 4 hours a day playing it. I ask you — save me! After all, I have other obligations...

About Developer

Hello. For 10 years of development for iOS, I have realised over 100 games. Each game was more sophisticated than the previous one, cause I wanted to create fun that can be played myself forever. A couple of these games have been in the US Top 1, and people still have been running them every day for 10 years along with their morning coffee. But even these games bored me. And so I am ripe for a new idea and I present this idea here.