Black Tower Basement

This heroic (but ironic) RPG takes place in beautiful hand-drawn pixel-art world.

Old Hero's nephew takes quest to undermine the Igneous Sigil Brotherhood which seized all the control of magical artifacts found in the world. He starts the adventure accompanied by an ancient Imp. But things begin to become bumpy right away. Who knows what power-lusting secrets will unravel during their way.

The unusual combat and the spellcraft system will squeeze out the best from both of your brains! And yeah, you're gonna die a lot (in a good alignment with a nowadays trends :)

About Developer

We're a team of 4. Game director\programmer, 2 more programmers and the artist (the very best in the internet!). The team is distributed but most of the members are from Kharkiv. This project was a long time dream and lived through a lot of reworks and iterations. Mostly in the combat system. We wanted to make something immersive enough to make player forget about the spent hours yet still do it on our terms :). In March 2020 we've managed to entirely focus on it. We've reinforced the team and made a huge leap in development. And finally we have big playable demo. It was playtested on friends'n'family and some other people. We got a lot of feedback from those playtests and for the last few months we were concentrated on refining the juiciness and the overall feeling from the game. So here we are.