Project Introduction

We are big fans of the Gothic series and its approach to gameplay and the world. A world that lives its own life and does not tell the player what to do at every step. That is why there are no markers and "GPS" in the Grayshaft - you will have to navigate the world independently and with the help of a simple "paper" map.

Moreover, we really want to bring back the spirit of pioneering and exploring the world, where there can be something interesting under every stone or behind a high rock: from a new sword, to a whole line of quests or... death. The player's curiosity should always be rewarded.

This is also facilitated by new quest mechanics: some do not even appear in the task log to complete them - you need to carefully monitor both what the characters say and the world around you.

In addition to the standard RPG mechanics: deep leveling, loot collection, etc., we have placed great emphasis on the player's sense of growth. Each new sword is a pleasant event, a new recipe is a great help in the dangerous world of the Grayshaft.

The plot of the game takes place on the island of Grayshaft, which is mired in internal strife, banditry and corruption. You will need all your knowledge to put the world on the island in order and face a threat that has never been seen before for the whole world.

About Developer

We are Fire & Frost. A team with fiery hearts and cold heads. We are burning with our game, but we perfectly understand when it is necessary to say "stop" to those ideas that do not bring anything new to the gameplay or are simply good only on paper.