Project Introduction

Get into the role of a thief from the city slums. Your weapons are your dexterous fingers, your skills are your cunning, attentiveness and planning, your motivation is silent disobedience to the will of the ruling party. Lurking in the shadows, slip unnoticed past enemies, get behind any locked doors, and carry off rich loot. But it's not just money and valuables you're after. In this harsh and unjust world, many need help, and it is in your power to help them.

The classic dystopia

Alternative Europe of the 1930s. Neither side was strong enough to end the World War, which eventually stretched for decades and changed the world forever. Experience all the delights of a military dictatorship. On the one hand, these are parades, slogans and nationwide loyalty to the ruling party. On the other hand, total surveillance, absurd bureaucracy, food stamps and whole lost generations of people.


Commit the perfect robbery

Get ready for a robbery - interrogate informants, choose the most suitable tools and combine skills. When darkness falls, you can go on the case. Plan your moves intelligently and look for the right way to penetrate the ingenious defense systems. This is the only way to achieve all your goals. But be careful – the city actively reacts to all your actions and doesn't forgive any mistakes.

Develop your skills

Choose your style of play - the development of your character's skills depends only on your actions. Unlock over 50 skills and specializations (especially strong game-changing skills) and go from a simple street pickpocket to a real master thief.

The grim game world

Who better than a thief to observe the secret life of this vicious society. Explore the city streets, find secret rooms and eavesdrop on other people's conversations. Every house and every corner bears the imprint of a story, revealed through satire and black humor.

About Developer

The development of the game began in March 2019. The development of the concept and the creation of the prototype were carried out by one person, but a year later the project has already begun to attract the attention of enthusiasts from all over Russia. As a result, a full-fledged team of seven people was formed.
We are burning with the idea to create a high-quality story game in the spirit of classic stealth games. The main source of inspiration was the widely known in narrow circles game from the early 2000s "The sting!" (Der Clou! 2), as well as games such as Dishonored, Thief, We Happy Few and others.