Gods with Guns


Main Idea

Multiplayer team tactical shooter.

Main Description

The main characters in which are the old gods, but they fight on modern human weapons and can only use one of their abilities. In the game we made a dynamic shooter but with a gaming feel like in Moba games. The main task in the game is to destroy all spawn points of enemies

Link to Pitch Deck

About Developer

Artem (GameDirector SkynoxGames)
Released a successful hyper casual hit EmojiPuzzle 90+ million installs
Game Designer Skyeng


Oleg (CG Generalist Lead Programmer)

  • Atomic Heart

  • NASCAR Heat 5

  • Huawei Voice Assistant Celia

  • BattleBeasts

  • FairyLand



Danila (Middle Developer UE4 / UE5)

  • BattleBeasts

  • FairyLand