Данил Калюпа

S’21 / Shortlist 004 (Critics’ Choice)
S’21 / Shortlist 009 (Best Unity Game)

Main Idea

Become a god and exterminate mankind in turn-based battles.

Main Description

Godless combines elements of turn-based strategies, auto battlers and rogue-likes while giving a fresh look at well-known mechanics of these genres.

  • Destroy Mankind. Mortals defeated each single god… except you. Gather power and bring mankind to extinction destroying one continent after another in turn-based battles.

  • Be A God. You are not a puppeteer but a god. Servants don't need direct orders and act on their own for the benefit of your war campaign.

  • Change Battlefield. Transform landscape, construct buildings and summon new creatures to set up an advantageous environment for your servants.

  • Combine Elements. Merge mysterious sparks of creation into powerful artifacts and enhance their abilities with numerous passive powers. 

  • Face Consequences. There will be survivors left on the destroyed continents. When the time comes you will choose their destiny and face consequences of decisions you had made right away.

About Developer

Solo developer from Kazakhstan. My main sources of insipration are music and epic anime series.