Project Introduction

  1. First and foremost, this product is an experiment in conveying the author's personal world and artistic imagery through ironic and childlike story, and for the last thing it's a videogame.  

Thank you for buying our new model of human brain!

This model is based on the mind of 13 year old girl Svetlana suffering from Un+_-K=n0Шn. Thanks to her unique structure of the brain, our engineers found it possible to make a totally accurate copy of her mind, following her skull shape and neural structure of the brain.

Currently, our scientists were able to recreate only one scenario from her life, telling about strange life of the girl. You will enter strange world of dreams, loneliness, pills and white walls.


  • Cute and unique art-style;

  • Imaginary asylum exploration;

  • 30-40 minutes gameplay;

  • Dive into lunatic mind;

  • No boundaries between monologues and dialogues;

  • 20 min+ OST;

  • Suicidal milk!

About Developer

We are small team from Russia and Ukraine, being completely different people from different places, we are communicating mainly by the internet.
We are connected by videogames, we are passionately in love with them, so we are trying to develop the best ones for dudes like us to enjoy.