Project Introduction

The main enemy is time

Time on the planet Gedel is divided into planetary cycles. At the end of each cycle, everything that is there disappears from the inventory. The exception is items that are placed in protected slots. But there are only five of them! You have to choose what to save in these slots: resources, crafted items, or something else you need to survive?

Jetpack flying

From the start, the player has access to a jetpack, with which you can fly around the world of Gedel and visit all the most inaccessible places. But keep in mind that the jetpack consumes energy, so for long flights you will need a lot of batteries!

Crafting system

All items are immediately available for creation. All you need is resources. But while you are mining them, the planetary cycle will end and the contents of the inventory will be reset to zero. In the pursuit of crafting items, you can be left with nothing!

Resource management

You need to constantly choose what to focus on: survival or completing quests. There is not much time, and each planetary cycle can be the last.


The world of the planet Godel is filled with mysteries. Solving them you get acquainted with the plot of the game, the history of the planet and get useful things.

Dangerous Enemies

There are no living organisms on the planet Gedöl, but this does not mean that the surface is safe. The player will have to face dangerous robots and mechs, but one should not openly rush into battle. It is worth remembering that Dominic is, first of all, an astronaut, not a soldier. Is it not worth it in this case to be smart and try to avoid a collision?

About Developer

My name is Alexander, I am 31 years old. By specialty, a teacher of history and social studies at school, but decided to change the field of activity and go into game development. This is my first PC project, developed by myself in my spare time. I do the idea, programming, making corrections alone. With music, user interface and graphics, those who liked the game help.