Project Introduction

Gav-Gav Odyssey brings gamers back to the era of the 90s. The game took the best from several genres: platformers, scroll shooters and puzzles. Charming space dogs as the main characters, paired with witty puzzles, can drag on for hours! And the styling for sixteen-bit games looks so authentic that it seems as if he launched a previously unseen cartridge on the old lady "Mega Drive". Nice graphics, clear gameplay and cute cutscenes are ideal not only for the younger generation, but also for "children over thirty" for whom the golden classics of video games are not an empty sound!

Key Features:

- Colorful and detail-rich pixelart
- A convincing story about saving your tailed buddies
- Three categorically different types of gameplay: scroll shooter, platformer and puzzle game with top view
- Lots of secrets and Easter eggs"

About Developer

I made this game alone, as soon as the game was coming to an end, I contacted the composer who wrote the music for the game.