Смертельная болезнь маленькой девочки подобралась совсем близко. Разум девочки порождает монстра, который должен помочь вырваться из комы, Путь извилист и непредсказуем. И есть только одна цель – выбраться из комы! Червяк FuzzyCrawor порожденный сознанием больной девочки в темном мире ищет способ вывести девочку из комы. Сеть лабиринтов сознания, монстры живущие в этом лабиринте являются смертельной угрозой. Добываем ресурсы крафтим лут, выживаем.

Project Introduction

The little girl's terminal illness is getting very close. The girl's mind creates a monster that must help her return to her senses. The path is twisty and unpredictable. The FuzzyCrawor worm spawned by the consciousness of a dying girl in the dark world is searching for a way to bring the girl back out of a coma. A plumbing-like network of maze and the monsters living there are a deadly threat. We extract resources, craft loot in order to survive. Different environments: heat, frost, darkness. We extract resources, craft items for survival and look for solutions to the problem. The goal is to defeat the coma of a sick girl.

About Developer

We are located in Irkutsk, Russia. We are the IT educational center "School of Programming and Electronics CSS". At the school, "Riman Programming Studio" has been launched. We are engaged in software development, mobile applications, websites, games, production of animation and video clips.

The GameDev direction is considered a priority. At the moment we are working on realization of 4 games and 5 more are waiting for their turn. For the competition, we would like to present 3 of them. We are looking for publishers, sponsors, and promotion partners. 9 to 11 grade students actively participate in the development of games.

Our team: product manager, programmer and animation artist.

The idea and the content are original and created by our staff.