Project Introduction

Fury fighters is beat em up with unique combats and physics.

Mark Goodman is one of the key characters, scientist, millionaire, philanthropist, who had serious health problems and spent his entire childhood in a study of his healing. Founder of Good Inc, where Enforceum was invented to heal his body. To heal his soul, Mark went to eastern countries to study martial arts, leaving the management of the corporation to his friend.


But... the corporation was taken over by Christina Sadakuro, a former employee of Good Inc.

Mark comes back to restore order and restore peace to his hometown.

To deal with the problems that have arisen, Mark will be helped by his friends - skater Annie Hope and wrestler Ricardo Santiago.


  • Active ragdoll

  • Destructible environment

  • Every hero has unique combat style

  • Physics that allow a new level of game experience in beat 'em up genre

  • Various levels modes

  • Oldschool beat em up gameplay with nice graphics and physics

About Developer

I'm the only one in the team as a developer and junior 3d designer