Furious Revenge of Bolo


In the game Furious Revenge of Bolo, you will learn a touching and fascinating story with the personal experiences of the main character. The game takes place in the future after a mysterious apocalypse. The survivors chose to go as far away from civilization as possible, just like our main character who lives far from the city with his dog.

The main events of the game unfold at night. When Bolo decides to leave the house, a robber enters the house. And what happened next, you have to find out


  • You have to move around the map.

  • Follow what the player says, a bubble with text appears above the player.

  • Solve puzzles.

  • Shoot the opponents.

  • Open and switch levers.

About Developer

We are an international, but a small group of friends who are passionate about this game. Many of us are relatives. That's why our team feels like a family.