Indie Cup W’21

Fun Race


Main Idea

It is action arcade game, but instead of character, you have a car. Pass 50 levels by receiving medals. Collect gems! Drive fast! Avoid obstacles!

Main Description

Mix little bit crazy tracks with classic arcade platformer rules. Imagine you drive on high speed, pass obstacles, jump from ramps, go through loops. Same time you collect gems, use pickup bonuses, pass checkpoints.

It is single player game, where player should pass 50 linear levels. Every level will try to surprise player, offering new game play mechanics, or modify already known. Fun race try to not overcomplicate game play, but still keep valuable challenge to the player. To fully complete level, player must obtain 3 medals. It is medals for gems, time and health. That's what motto of the game say: collect gems, drive fast, avoid obstacles!

About Developer

Hi, my name is Alexandr. I'm solo game developer. Mostly it is coding and gamedesign. Last 4 years in my free time I'm developing and learning. Current project I have started in June 2019.