Project Introduction

Bad news: you're dead - and your soul is trapped in Purgatory, which just so happens to look like an old movie theater.

Good news? The Reaper herself offers you a way to get out, not without the help of enchanting inhabitants of the Freaked Fleapit.All you have to do is go through each of the 9 circles of Hell, beat any demons along the way - and you're free! 

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?


  • Enter the unhinged world of Freaked Fleapit, filled with neon lights, demonic forces and off-the-wall insanity. This is a world that moves to the rhythm of the music - and the music changes based on how you play.

  • Journey through 9 circles of Hell! Every level is procedurally generated, filled with unique encounters and secret rooms. Defeat devils, demons and other fiends - and face off with a mighty boss at the end!

  • A cast of larger-than-life characters is dying to meet you - wait, aren't they already dead?.... No matter. Get to know each of them through hundreds of unique story events - and choose the one who'll escape the Purgatory with you.

  • Several unique endings for each one of the Purgatory's lovely ladies - replayability galore! Unlock every one of them to learn the true secrets behind the Freaked Fleapit.

  • Unique multilayered music system. Soundtrack is created by Magnetude!

About Developer

The Finch Bird Studio team is ready to turn the genre of music video games on its head! Using advanced multimedia capabilities, full synchronisation of gameplay to modern electronic music, psychoacoustic techniques in sound design, and well-tuned animation, we create games with an unforgettable feeling of flow.