Project Introduction

FixFox is a wholesome sci-fi adventure game. Play as Vix, an unlucky space mechanic, who crashlands on a mysterious planet where tools are forbidden. Accompanied by her trusty toolbox Tin, they travel across the planet Karamel discovering hidden stashes left by pirates, repairing friendly household appliances, and sampling tasty local delicacies.

Explore and Discover

Traverse the planet on a peppy scooter, clear pathways with a hefty power loader, or simply go on a peaceful journey by foot to uncover all the landmarks on Karamel. Hum along to catchy chiptunes while discovering secret locations, testing your noggin on whimsical puzzles, and finally settling down for the night next to a toasty campfire looking up at the starry sky.

Fix and Build

Repair machines with uplifting personalities such as a passionate lawn mower using unconventional tools like coins, bandages, glowy bananas… anything really. Live out a space mechanic’s dream by constructing and operating giant mechs to help out the local robots with their peculiar problems.

Eat and Make Friends

Fixing things can be tough but ending the day with cozy food always makes it better. Enjoy delicious meals the planet dwellers have to offer such as homey soups, warm rice bowls, and totally-not-expired pudding. Making a friend over a meal with hospitable robots may just reveal a vital clue to solving your next quest.

Fix More Than Machines

Starting with an unassuming beacon repair job Vix quickly finds herself mixed up in more than her own tale. An estranged brother looking for his long lost sibling, specialized artificial intelligences working through past traumas, and an ongoing feud between two planet factions are just a few of the tangled mysteries that need to be taken apart and fixed.

A World Beyond

In order to survive the global catastrophe of Earth’s cold atmosphere post climate change, mankind has genetically modified themselves to take on animal traits. The fur acquired from the genetic splicing helps humanity cope with the freezing weather and the ability to hibernate allows humans to sleep through long interstellar flights. This furry future is where the story of FixFox takes place.

About Developer

I was born in the '80s in former Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), in a small village near a big forest. With the Iron Curtain still holding tight, commercial computer games were not available, so my first experience came from mobile arcades that arrived once a year with a traveling funfair. Once the Iron Curtain crashed down in '89, the first 8-bit computers started seeping in. I was mesmerized when my parents brought home a cheap Atari from a newly accessible East Germany. Shortly after, thanks to an old textbook, I wrote my first program in Basic. I was hopelessly hooked. Making games was what I wanted to pursue in my life.

Until college, I was learning to make games, getting ready to start my career as a game developer. The problem was that there were no game studios to join at the time! More precisely, I thought I lacked the experience to be hired. So I took a small detour into computer graphics and programming, finally getting into games a few years later. I learned the basics within a few mobile game startups, joined a punk indie studio, and finally worked a few years of independent freelancing before taking on my first project, which became FixFox.

Games are, on their deepest level, a medium that has the ability to educate us and shape our thinking. After witnessing the consequences of violence and hatred during my visit to the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima back in 2012, I made a personal vow never to play or make violent video games. Instead, I decided to focus on making games that teach us kindness and empathy, which I think are skills more useful in our everyday lives, as opposed to force and coercion. I know that I won't be able to change the world, but perhaps I can make a small corner of it a bit better and kinder for everyone.