Project Introduction

Lead the charge in establishing a colony on Mars in this turn-based strategy game that will challenge you to not only survive, but thrive. Use specialized tools to terraform the planet, build residential areas for your colonizers, and construct resource-producing factories in an effort to become a self-sustaining society.

Create a viable habitat for your settlers by building water pumps, establishing farms on fertile ground, harnessing the power of the sun, and mining for precious minerals. Don’t forget to conserve your resources to create power cables and pipes that will connect the whole of your settlement!

Use a turn and select a terraforming kit to shape the landscape to your colony’s advantage. Need a water source? Place a water drop tile into a canyon and watch the surrounding flat land become fertile. Need suitable terrain to build wind turbines? Use a terraforming kit to raise mountains that will help increase your energy production.

Terraforming tiles have preset shapes, so be careful when configuring where to place them! You may end up with ice if you place a water drop tile on flat ground instead of a canyon. Be wise in your choices and always plan two steps ahead!


Be ready to weather the brutal storms and temperature fluctuations of Mars. A sandstorm may plunge your settlement into darkness and disrupt your solar batteries while cold snaps may lead to a sharp increase in electric energy consumption.


Turn the Red Planet green! Start by cultivating bacteria and creating the ideal conditions needed for plant life on Mars. Grow grasses and other flora to boost your colony rating; the government may even take notice of your endeavors and sponsor your efforts to build a bigger and better settlement!

About Developer

The core of the team consists of 3 people: Serhii Buriak, who is doing graphics, Roman Yanchyshyn (programming), and Andriy Bychkovskyi, who is doing programming, game design, and the rest, including writing about himself in a 3rd person. We also have Ivan Turmenko who is helping with SFX from time to time and is a part of another Indie team from Kyiv (Sowoke Entertainment Bureau). Apart from working on Farlanders, me and Serhii have another game in development called Pixel Express.

We are based in Ukraine. We all met online and are working remotely from our homes in Kyiv and Lviv. As other people here, we are passionate about making games. I personally have been working on indie games for more than 5 years, so now I'm getting more and more passionate about making money from those games.

You can find more info here.