Выбери одну из рас и вступай в бой с противником! Армия расы активно развивается в процессе боя. После боя, в главном меню игры вы можете улучшить каждый тип по отдельности. Чем чаще вы покупаете один из типов войск, тем быстрее они развиваются.

Мы решили сделать проект в жанре Castle Defense, как Heroes III Battle (пользовательская карта на WarCraft 3), только со своим сеттингом, в стиле low poly, с другими механиками и прогрессом развития. Разнообразие армии задается путем развития войск, которое выбирает игрок. Запланированы бои против других игроков в режиме оффлайн, то есть; вы сможете вызвать армию противника на бой, если он не в сети; вы можете выставить очередь закупки воинов, которые будут закупаться, когда за вас сражается ИИ при обороне.

Project Introduction

Choose one of the races and join the battle with the enemy! The army of the race is actively developing during the battle. After the battle, in the main menu of the game you can improve each type individually. The more often you buy one of the types of troops, the faster they develop.

We decided to make a project in the Castle Defense genre, like Heroes III Battle (a custom map for WarCraft 3), only with its own setting, in the low poly style, with other mechanics and development progress. The variety of the army is set by the development of troops, which the player chooses. Battles are planned against other players in offline mode, that is; you can call the enemy's army to battle if it is not online; you can set up a queue for purchasing warriors that will be purchased when the AI fights for you in defense.

About Developer

We are a small development team with big ambitions. Our path started from the distant 2010s. We make custom games, maps and modifications for large games. In 2018, we started studying game engines and began to take our first steps as an independent studio. For us, first of all, creating games is creativity. Our minds are so full of ideas that we can't sleep well at night.

We are inspired primarily by life - after all, someone or something came up with this, and of course many interesting projects.

The development of the project was launched on April 10, 2021 by two developers: the author of the user map and the initiator of the idea. Since this is our debut public project of free access, we are working on it 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day. With great responsibility, we check all the work of the project, hone the balance and development. In general, we take this project seriously, in other respects, like everyone else.