Project Introduction

Humanity is entering the era of active space exploration. Modern technologies have made it possible to make huge jumps to distant star systems. However, behind this lurked a new danger - the global energy crisis.

Flights to distant systems have led to an acute shortage of resources. Energy-intensive interstellar jumps did not allow the ships to return back: resources were quickly running out. To solve the energy problem, the Astra Corporation began to build a network of stations that extract energy directly from the stars. You will have to manage one of these stations.

The player will have to defend the base from enemies coming from all sides: the defense line will unfold along the orbit. The player's tasks include: debugging resource extraction, building station defenses, and surviving in the corporate war caused by the largest energy crisis!

The player has at his disposal:

- universal segments of the base, on which various buildings can be constructed both for resource extraction and for defense
- flexible configuration of the station's defense system using defensive and auxiliary platforms
- great scope in creating unique segments of the station, which can both fire at the enemy, and conduct scientific research or extract resources
- scientific research for the development of the entire database system
- during the passage of the story campaign, new opportunities may open up


About Developer

We are a small team of BURNING HOUSE: people from different cities of Russia who decided to make a small game project. We met while participating in the GameBox division of Skillbox.

We decided to make games because of our great love for them and the opportunity to create our own unique mechanics.