Project Introduction

The game inherits the basic mechanics from various genres: quest, shooter, adventure, horror. For fans of challenge, thoughtful gameplay, this is not a dynamic shooter, cartridges are rare here, and should be saved. Rash actions will lead to death. Focusing on both the plot and the gameplay, this is a well-developed story about vampires, with a lot of dialogues and cutscenes in the form of comics by Ala Max Payne. In order to successfully complete the game, you need to carefully read all the entries, think and make the right decisions.

At the moment, I can only provide a demo build from almost a year ago, it is poorly polished, there are a lot of bugs in it, but you can see the overall potential from it. At the moment, there are 2 heroes in the game, 2 scenarios with different plot branches each for 10-15 hours, in general, the game will be played from 20 to 30 hours. Not including the prologue. In the prologue, you play as a third-rate character David, there is very little plot in the prologue, all the forces are put into the main game.

About Developer

I am Vladimir Zlobin, a 3D artist from Kazakhstan. For 13 years I worked in the gaming industry making models for various games.

Since childhood, I have played a lot, especially in difficult games. I always wanted to develop games, but I wanted to make them myself, before the appearance of Unreal Engine it was not possible, I did not want to make simple 2d platformers, my ambitions extend beyond 2d graphics to the giants of the industry. I got my first solo development experience by making a huge mod to turn the game Grim Dawn into Warhammer 40k.

By the end of the development of the modification, I found out about UE4 and his blueprints, immediately took out my old sketches of ideas for my own game in the spirit of Resident evil, left my job in the office and began development. After almost 2 years, the game is in the final stages before early access. This game is everything to me. I have invested in it the maximum of my soul, strength, time and health, and I assure you that it will not leave anyone indifferent who will go through it to the end.