Хоррор квест. В задачи игрока входит последовательный сбор ключ-карт. Также нужно избегать встречи с агрессивно настроенным ИИ (монстром), столкновение фатально для игрока.

Project Introduction

Horror quest. The player's tasks include sequential collection of key cards. You also need to avoid an aggressive AI (monster), the meeting with which will be fatal for the player.

About Developer

My name is Sergey Lipin, I'm 25 years old, six months ago I started game design, 3 months ago I dared to make a simple horror on my own in one. Since I was 5 I have been playing computer games, in recent years I have worked in factories as a fitness trainer, even managed to work in the police, and there I realized that I love games and want to develop them. For six months of studying the engine on my own (via youtube), I was not disappointed in myself, in my dream. Someday I will be able to participate in the creation of cool games.