Project Introduction

End of Despair is a dark rogue-like story about a man who is tired of routine and self-flagellation. Talk to other people, find all the secrets, defeat the bosses in randomly generated locations.


Work overtime within four walls, return to the empty apartment, go to the office again. Day after day, year after year -- this is how Nathan lives.

Loneliness, burnout and a variety of angry thoughts slowly dragged him into the abyss of despair. And he will not get out on his own.

Help him in his endless battles with difficult memories, search with him the source of his state. Put an end to his despair.


Key Features:

  • Various types of enemies, locations and weapons

Explore Nathan's memories, look for the secrets, defeat a large number of hostile creatures to find a way out of his suppressed consciousness.

  • You are not alone

In Nathan's memories, you can find other people who found themselves in a difficult situation. With their help, overcome his mental problems and also help others!

  • In search of tranquility

Face the incarnations of the clerk's fears and defeat them with various weapons. Explore the story and help him banish anxiety, fear, and fatigue. At least temporarily.

  • We put our souls into the game

A magical soundtrack, pleasing visuals and rogue-like gameplay are not all we want to give. The plot contains problems and topics that we experienced as well. If you recognize yourself in these stories, we want you to know -- you are not alone, keep on fighting. We believe in you!

About Developer

Trioskaz is a team created from three people (hence the name of the studio), which managed to develop up to 5 people. We are from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk.

Each of us has our own idea for the development of the game, which we carried before we became one team. After going through the crunch, where we worked on THREE projects at once, we decided to tell a short story about how we tired of the uncertainty when it would be possible to earn money and endless crunches.

Despite the hard times, some of us have been friends for about 9 years and everyone is ready to listen to each other.

And we decided to take up games, because this is the most suitable form for us to express our ideas and thoughts. We really burn with game development and are ready to create what we like for several years at minimal salaries.