Elmarion: The Lost Temple

Fleon Games

Elmarion: The Lost Temple is a real-time party-based first-person RPG in the spirit of games like Might and Magic, Wizardry, Legend of Grimrock, Diablo. The player controls a squad of 4 brave adventurers.

Each hero can be one of 8 different classes: knight, archer, fire mage, ice mage, air mage, nature mage, cleric, necromancer.

During the game, the squad explores the dungeons and clears them of monsters using a combination of different abilities of each hero.

Each class of heroes has 10 unique skills. Thus, there are 80 different skills available in the game that you can try on your enemies!

Items and Equipment: Dungeons contain many great magic weapons and armor.

Excess items can be sold in the "village" from a merchant and with the proceeds to buy valuable potions, scrolls, armor. To quickly move to the village, the game provides portals.

The game consists of one safe village and several dungeons: main, fire, ice, air, natural and some others. Dungeons are generated randomly (as in the Diablo!). So you will get unique experience each time of playing.


The king of one of the kingdoms learned about an ancient powerful artifact hidden in an abandoned temple, and sent a detachment of brave adventurers after him, promising them a generous reward for this.Purpose of the game: to get this ancient powerful artifact.

About Developer

I made my first game Medieval Cities (board game, analogue of monopoly) in the 6th grade. In the 8th grade I made my first computer game in BASIC — Basketball. Later I became a programmer, but did not work in game development. I made games only as a hobby, I made them on Flash.

In 2018 I had learned Unity and has already released 2 Unity games: Elmarion: Dragon time and Elmarion: Dragon's Princess. The game presented here (Elmarion: the Lost Temple), as you might guess, is already the 3rd in the Elmarion series) This game is connected with the previous two games by a common world and plot. However, the gameplay is very different from the previous ones: here we play for a team of people, whereas in the previous ones you played as a dragon.