Andrzej Buhlak

Main Idea

Multiplatform game for 7-12 years old children
Setting: Sci-Fi + post-apocalypse
Genre: RPG
The goal of the project is education represented in a game shell. A lot of educational mini-games are built into the basic gameplay, as well as specially created cartoons.

Main Description

Max, an alien cat, arrives on a post-apocalyptic Earth to complete his school project. He wants to compile a reference book of knowledge about a vanished human civilization. But when Max gets to know our world, he wants not only to collect information but to revive normal life on the planet.

About Developer

International (Moscow, Warsaw, Dnipro) indie team:
Andrzej Buhlak - production, game design; Maria Strulnikova - marketing; Gleb Sokolov - programming, Vyacheslav Troshko - art.