Project Introduction

Dwarven Skykeep is a 2D non-traditional base-building Strategy/RPG with elements of Metroidvania, survival, and deck building. Unique pixel art is a particular pride of our team. 

You are the sarcastic Mage Dr. Sevendar Kness building a real magical Tower and you're going to war. Enemies are burning your spellbooks, rain is flooding your basement. You need to put out the fires and pump the water out. Friendly helpful Dwarves are at your service. You cast the spells, they repair the Tower. You provide beer. They fight Goblins. A fire? Take a bucket and give it to a Dwarf. Or cast a Rain Spell. In the end, catch a Sun Spark with a Mirror. Before it’s broken by Goblins.

Dwarven Skykeep plot is fully created from scratch by a writer and tells us a story when a Goblins’ army of an incredible power threatening peace and quiet of territories of the four lords. Despite old disputes and bad temper, they came to an agreement that without you, oh brilliant Sevendar Kness, they are doomed. Nobody really asked if you want to help...well, adventures, magic, Raven’s wisdom and enemies await!

The gameplay is organised around the main city and multiple levels within “worlds”: Goblin’s world and Sky world. Each level has specific Victory conditions and may be replayed indefinitely. Levels require strategic deck building and some survival skills, as well as the urge to have a lot of fun! Dwarven Skykeep has a variety of characters and stories behind each one of them that you will overhear in the Mirror shop or sipping beer in the Tavern. 

Gameplay in a nutshell:

  • Ironical postmodern story

  • Base Building Strategy with RPG and Management elements

  • Metroidvania-style metagame between game levels 

  • A lot of intricate game mechanics, even small decisions have consequences down the road

  • Highly replayable, each playthrough is unique

  • Sick humor and pixel perfect 2D art

  • Game levels are 5 to 20 minutes of playtime

  • First full playthrough ~40h split into 60 levels

About Developer

Dwarven Skykeep team was naturally formed by talented game developers, pixel artist, and game industry enthusiasts. It all started in 2019 with the idea of creating an updated and “cooler” version of an old game Dwarf Tower, made by our lead developer - Andrey aka Hedin. In fact, Dwarven Skykeep wasn’t at all his first game, but it is our first game as a team like that. 


The team emerged around this idea and Andrey’s talent of pitching and finding the right people:

  • Elena is our project manager trying to keep us on time and under milestones

  • Nikita is a young talented programmer and he is trying himself in game design

  • Arseniy works on the game design and programming

  • Valentin is our creative gem - all amazing pixel art is all his doing

  • Krystian- our composer

  • Sergei - juice of our story and the person behind all the hilarious dialogues

  • Masha is helping us with marketing and PR

  • Ilja is an experienced game developer and is helping us on the business side

  • Alexei has a brilliant game constructing mind and is a skilled player

  • Matt is the voice of all the characters in the game

Why are we working on this game? It gives us creative freedom. We are all together young, talented, curious and ambitious. We love games. We are all different and it brings so many opportunities to create dozens of games, elements, diverse levels, creatures. We always have ideas and something we can surprise even each other. Finally, we just love to have some fun and create a game, that thousands of people will play for hours.