Indie Cup W’21


Студия Bublic

Main Idea

A mystical plot based on real stories of plane crashes with the addition of fiction and a chilling story of the protagonist

Main Description

DUGA is an action-horror game developed by Bublic Studio, for PC platform and next gen consoles. The main character gets into a plane crash. His plane crashes on top of a mountain, called "Duga" by the locals.

Here, without communication and livelihood, he has a long way to go on the way to his salvation. But the further the main character goes, the more he begins to understand that the world that surrounds him is illusory, and the place in which he finds himself is closely intertwined with the fate of the people who were here once and forever remained on the top of this mountain.

- Fight for survival. The place where the main character finds himself contains many dangers. From "casts" of the real world to misitical power;
- The plot leads to three different endings depending on the actions of the player. It depends only on you how to get out of the world in which you find yourself;
- The main enemy is cold and icy wind. Look for heat sources to survive, otherwise you will freeze too quickly.   

About Developer

BUBLIC today is a small, but close-knit, indie team of highly qualified specialists and modern technical solutions in one bottle. Today the following projects are being worked on:

- 2D artist - art and visual concepts;
- 3D environment artist - environment models and props;
- 3D character artist - characters and animation;
- C # programmer - logic and technical implementation.

The studio has experience in developing mobile and PC games, as well as AR and VR solutions.