Project Introduction

Ducky videogames party - a collection of 100 different microgames! It's up to the Duckies to complete them all in order to defeat SCP-3000. Details? Easy! Let me tell you...

A group of ducklings find a mysterious "100-in-1" cartridge for Quacktendo. They are runing home to one of them to find out what are these games on the cartridge. Who would do otherwise?! However, the cartridge turned out to be a trap by an evil spirit calling himself SCP-3000! Now the friends will have to show all their gaming skills, otherwise the villain will get their souls and make them characters for his games. The story is served in the form of a cartoon intro and continues in the dialogues.

The game has 14 sets of 5-10 games each, as well as a separate category for boss games (these can be played in story mode and in the game vault). Moreover, there are 3 levels of difficulty for each game! Different styles of pixel graphics, lots of unique tunes and sounds. And even the losing can be interesting, because you never know what's going to happen! And finally - swappable panels! As you go through the story mode, play through the games and fulfill special conditions, you can unlock all 16 decorative panels - arcade, greek, comics, summer, brick and more.

Game Modes
In story mode, the ducklings, with your help, will EXACTLY get through all 100 games and defeat SCP-3000. 5 Ducklings - 5 main chapters. Opened games appears in the vault, where you can choose any of them, practice and pass on all difficulties. Finally, there is a survival mode - try to achieve the highest score! However... No one bothers you up to one’s ears into the unknown with friends, immediately turning on one of the companion modes! Just make sure you don't get tickled or slapped. Although... why not?!

Warm atmosphere of childhood of the 1990s years (06/03/1993)
SCP-3000 locked the ducklings in the room of the house of a typical duckling of that time. Imagine that you have gathered with friends in front of a pot-bellied TV screen. Cartridge with a bunch of unknown games inserted into the console! A small cozy room, the rays of the setting sun break through the window. You have already walked a lot and ready to push the buttons of the gamepad properly!

"Quack-quack, waiting only for you!" - Serg, Grisha, Alex, Denis and Alexandra.

About Developer

Nothing unusual - one person got other people interested, and now we make a game together. We all have different experience in creating games on a hobby level and live in different parts of Russia. Even now we only develop games in our spare time, in fact. A game is an art, perhaps, the most difficult of all. That's how I feel about gamedev. But no one has cancelled the fact that it often requires money.

Maxim Komarov is the ideologist of the project, who finances everything out of his own pocket. He does everything that is not related to programming (although he stuck his nose in there too). Including writing this text. It is always a little uncomfortable to write about myself. Listing specific tasks would be long, so whatever you think of, that's what I do. This is my game, after all! Fun fact: I live in the far east of Russia, which is quite inconvenient in every way.

Egor Shesterikov is the main programmer we started DVP with. He is in charge of the code in a general sense and microgames. His work is paid, albeit a little.

Alexander Skrynnik - the second programmer, who quickly got into the process and deals with microgames. Does not take money, for which he is grateful.

In addition, art, panels, pixel graphics, intro, music and sounds were and are worked on by many different people who are not on the team. I couldn't have achieved the level and variety required on my own, so I have to do it with money. All of these people will be in the credits, but they are not part of the team.