npuKoJI team

Main Idea

The idea came to us on a lockdown themed game jam. We decided to make something unique about working remotely. That's how we came up with DRAWER - arcade rally game with indirect controls, where to drive your car you have to draw it's course beforehand. The only things you can do when already on track is pulling the handbrake and burning the nitro. Beyond that it all depends on your drawing and calculation skills :)

Main Description

A racing game with indirect controls. Draw to drive! The car doesn't have a pilot, but you are the navigator. Plot the course and break records!

- Four unique cups: from tropic islands to the cold mountain tops;

- Eight cars: a small hatchback or a rally muscle car? Who said muscle cars can't drift?

- The only thing you need is a mouse. The keyboard is optional, though ;)

- Voxel graphics. Our artist did his best, believe it (or better yet - check it out yourself)

- Use the handbrake on difficult tracks and nitro - on every one. Nitro is cool.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your tablet and draw!

About Developer

We consist of three people. Two brothers and AlexTheTranslator. We’ve been into games all our lives and always dreamed of creating our own. We haven’t got father than unfinished builds,prototypes and game jam projects in almost 10 years. But one year ago the two brothers left their jobs to create a team and decided that now is the time. That’s how npukoJI team was created =)