Project Introduction

“DOSH” is an Android life simulator for kids. The player takes on the role of an anthropomorphic animal living on an island inhabited by similar neighbours and is engaged in various activities. His tasks include fishing, catching butterflies, growing trees, and so on to earn letters. By typing the names of items using the collected letters, the player can buy new items.

The goal of the player is to build his own big farm and acquire all possible items. In this, he is helped by his friends (NPC). They help the player get used to the game giving tasks to solve and advice so he could develop his farm properly. Another important aspect of the game is an opportunity to explore the world and interact with other characters which may improve a child's communication skills.

The main goal of the game is to become an app disguised as a fun video game that would help children to fulfil their native language vocabulary. Letters are a valuable resource in the game, and words are analogous to 'blueprints' in other games.

Thus, the developers from “INTENZIBNE” have successfully combined a life simulator game and language learning app.

About Developer

Мы небольшая команда разработчиков игр “Интензибэн”. Мы давно работаем с Unreal Engine. Мы создали игру “Diesel Guns” и запустили в игровом магазине Steam в раннем доступе. Игра получила хорошие отзывы у пользователей и была призером программы NVidia Edge, как лучшая игра месяца в прошлом году и в номинации лучшее в PVP на народном конкурсе Unreal Engine. Кроме игр мы также внедряем игровые технологии в обучающие и познавательные проекты. Это реконструкция исторических достопримечательностей - и виртуальный музей - Сейчас мы работаем над VR проектом и мобильной игрой для обучения словам.