Project Introduction


You present an Android model RA program being tested in an unknown laboratory. You will be presented with a test to check the functionality of this model. But something can go wrong and you have to choose what you will do - go astray or continue with your task. Your fate and the fate of others depends on how you pass this test.


Physics Puzzles
High level of difficulty
The game can be played several times
Interactivity with the environment
Interactions with weightlessness (gravity)
Partial destructibility


There will be other Androids in the game that will hinder you in every possible way. To get around them, you can use the equipment in the laboratory. You can interact with: cameras, doors, loudspeakers (in order to distract attention), elevators, gravitational field, etc.
Physics with which you can solve puzzles and perform other tasks.
The choice between passing tests or researching the laboratory (the ending will depend on this)
Interaction with gravity turn off and on for tests or other purposes.

About Developer

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