Frozen line

Main Idea

Daydream is a puzzle-platformer adventure game. Go through the trials in the fantasy world, controlling the hero and his teddy bear. Get the unique experience of passing the game by two characters

Griffin - a little boy finds himself in a dark room, in a moment of despair comes his best friend Birley and gets out of the clutches of darkness. And... the adventure begins! Solve puzzles and help them to find the answers.

Main Description

The basic mechanics of the game - solving puzzles with the TeddyBear, which you can control.
Also the game will contain different mechanics - from simple platformer to bikeplane control.

5 different chapter-locations, each with its own special feature.

The hero will explore a dark forest teeming with spiders, mysterious ruins floating in the air, a mysterious castle, etc.

We want to make the game for people who want to just run, jump, solve puzzles, as well as for those who are interested in the history of the hero. Those who are attentive to the details and want to reveal the whole story - will come to the point at the end of the game.e very end of the game.


About Developer

We are a small team of 3 people living in the middle of cold Siberia.

We used to all work for the same company and hang out together after work to keep warm in our -50 degrees outside.

At some point we realized that we could make the game of our dreams ourselves. And so began our adventure in the world of game development.