Project Introduction

New Indie Horror Video Game

Welcome to the third person, non-linear psychological horror game experience focusing on high level of details and immersion.

The game will set you into a labyrinth made from the streets of a huge city. They seem deceptively calm at first but the truth is much more dark than that, they will become dangerous and deadly in a short matter of time. You have no recollection of this world or even of yourself. Where are you? Who are you? Will you become a part of DarKnot, resist it, or find your own way? How far will you go to save yourself, and to save your teammates?

Explore the vast world of DarKnot to your heart's content, and experience true survival. How to deal with your opponents is your choice, plan your own strategies accordingly. You can return to DarKnot on another playthrough, and your fate will be different each time...

You can play the game the way you want, according to your ‘modus vivendi’, so to speak: 

As a Warrior, if you like to pick a fight. Gather weapons, and set out to destroy your enemies.

As an Explorer, search for hidden objects, avoid fights, and meticulously explore the gloomy locations and lore of DarKnot.

As a Survivor, gather resources, craft items, and pick your fights wisely. Crafted weapons and explosives will help overcome enemies, but are costly.

Or as a Fugitive, scared and paranoid, avoid the monsters, and cover your tracks. Using tarot cards will help you stay unnoticed, but it will cost you your health and sanity.

Who will you become?


  • Replayability: We use immersive simulation, and design the lore in a way where you will be able to shape your story for a new experience every time you play the game. 

  • Hardcore: Survival will not be easy. Each death will affect the plot of your story, and change the way you will continue your playthrough.

About Developer

We are a young game dev studio called ElbrusLab! We’re into horror magic, role-playing, and cooperative multiplayer games. We’re currently developing DarKnot, a third person stealth horror game with puzzles, and tactical combat with mysterious creatures!

Our team consists of 20 horror game enthusiasts trying to create the whole new horror universe. We have some experienced professionals who worked for Wargaming, Dell, Social Quantum and Magic Factory Animation Studio.