Indie Cup W’21



Main Idea

CyberCorp offers you cyberpunk atmosphere, online co-op, weapons & armor upgrade, and rhythmic electronic music!

Main Description

CyberCorp is a cyberpunk online co-op loot shooter where you fight for the best future!

The game takes place in the 25th century when the CyberCorp corporation learned how to create artificial human bodies and temporarily load people's minds into them for military operations.

Each player assumes the role of a agent who has to fight for the corporation ideals!

About Developer

The company based in Irkutsk and we have about 25 people there.

We make games for PC and mobile platforms.

A team of six people is working on the CyberCorp project (2 programmers, 2 artists, a game designer and a 3D modeler).

Anton Pashinin (game design, programming), Anastasia Dukhnich (3D design, characters, environment, animation), Anton Titov (sound design and game balance), and Anton Nefedov (prototyping, interface) are working closely with the project.

We are also planning to release the game on consoles.