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Cut Runner

Cats Heads Games

Main Idea

Drive a vehicle with rotary blades to cut mutated plants and their bosses.

Main Description

All plants around are mutated from a rocket fuel spill. Lovely flowers have turned into carnivorous monsters and threaten to devour a little mouse! Drive a vehicle with rotary blades and cut all mutant plants! Avoid rocks and other obstacles.

It's a casual game. Main focus on satisfying and juicy cutting of enemies (just plants, no blood). Basically it's a runner with short levels where the goal is not to collect objects but to cut enemies with different behavior: enemies standing in patterns, moving enemies, segmented enemies etc. Also the game has boss levels.

The game is in early access on Google Play: 19 levels with 2 zones and one boss are available for now.

About Developer

Solo developer from Saint-Petersburg. 4th project, 2nd time participating in Indie Cup.