Crystal Plague

Ivan Kurulyuk

Main Idea

Hades (or CotdG) from a single developer in the style of dark fantasy

Main Description

Crystal Plague is an attempt to combine the visual style of Diablo 2 and the mechanics of modern roguelites, something like a top-down action-RPG.

Killing monsters increases the level and gives access to passive perks that improve the characteristics of the hero.

The magic improvements found on the levels will change the way of playing and the approach to passing the levels.

Additional perks and improvements will be unlocked with each run.

About Developer

My name is Ivan, I'm 30, I work in tech support.

I started playing games in 1996. I dreamed of making games on my own since childhood, but I never had enough patience or programming skills. In 2017, he mastered 3D modeling a little and tried to make game models. After making some models for a small project, I started to learn the Unreal Engine. The node system allows me to make a game without coding, and I hope i can do a small but interesting project.