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Crimson Deep


Main Idea

Crimson Deep is a game about overcoming oneself, moral choice and how to save the world, being completely helpless in the face of all the troubles of this world.

Main Description

Crimson Deep is a card rogue-lite set in a dark fantasy universe with a Scandinavian setting. Throughout the entire game, the player needs to competently assemble a deck, fight monsters and help people in trouble, only occasionally content with moments of relaxation in taverns and shops.

You have to play as Aurora - a girl whose village was attacked by the Völvas, who were once revered seers, but who became terrible witches. They stole the souls of the villagers, among whom was the heroine's husband. For his salvation, she will go to their lair.

The game is largely inspired by the genre's "progenitor" - Slay the Spire - but it also shows the handwriting of our other inspirations, from Darkest Dungeon and Don't Starve to the stories of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

About Developer

Our team consists of three people who dream of making good and atmospheric games with an interesteresting story. Crimson Deep is our first game. Here we are looking for a publisher and showing the game to a wide audience for the first time.

Nikita Kholodenko "Obscuria", 20 years old - Chief head, artist, programmer and game designer. "Since the age of 13 I have been trying to make mini-games in Game Creator on Android. At first I taught how to draw in CG. Then more and more I thought about makeing my art came more interactive. And now I am making a game with Dmitry. We are still doing it without any budget, which often creates a lot of difficulties. "

Dmitry "Emilia" Tchaikovsky, 22 years old - Game designer, lore scholar and screenwriter. "In the summer of 2020, I found Nikita in the Slay the Spire group on VKontakte. He wrote that he needed someone who would help with storytelling for his game. Time has passed and now I can call myself a co-author of the Crimson Deep universe and a game designer. "

Edgarceos, 20 years old - Producer, manager, objective link. “I hope the game will be a success because it’s worth it. When I found Nikita and Dmitry, they had no idea how to advertise themselves and I turned out to be the person who pushed them in the right direction regarding audience recruitment. I believe the team and the fact that it deserves to be known about our game. "