Project Introduction

Plot. Three friends came to the dacha to relax, drink beer, fry kebabs. However, they were prevented by the zombie apocalypse. Defending their legal right to rest, the friends decide to resist the sudden evil.

Zombies have armor, pistols, knives and other weapons. Someone is faster, someone shoots more accurately, someone has more health.

The game has 20 levels. 6 types of firearms, 38 items, each with 4-6 different types of cartridges. 2 types of edged weapons, 19 items. 3 types of shields. 6 types of armor, 10 types of clothing. Changeable appearance (skin color, hairstyle, hair color, beard and mustache, eye color). Facial expressions-blinking, 4 emotions. Each clothing, armor, and weapon is displayed differently on the characters.

About Developer

One person. I've been making games for about 4 years in my free time. Commercial success has not yet been achieved. And there aren't many games themselves, either.