Project Introduction

  • 4 unique robots allow you to experience the game in a new way when playing for each of them.

  • 20 items for loadout, allow you to create many variations of robots.

  • 3 procedurally generated maps. Each game you will be greeted by a new map for battle.

  • 5 game modes that will dilute the fun.

About Developer


My name is Vladislav Grushkin, I am 24 years old. I live in a small village in the Krasnodar Territory and am a solo developer.

I decided to make my own game, because I myself have been playing games almost all my life and at some point I wanted more and after several years of studying UE4 and working in it, I was able to release my "dream" shooter. Of course, it is not finished yet, but I continue to work on it and make it better and better.