Project Introduction

This is a walk sim story driven game with a first person view. Main character is exhausted in the middle of his career path and returns to his Hometown. Coffee is his fuel, his everyday need. Want to speak with people? You can, but some replies will be available only if you have enough Coffee Energy for this (social life sometimes requires so much energy). So go and find some coffee. Want to find out more about voice in your head? Do you need answers: why people unconsciously can't leave this town?

What forest is protecting from? Helping people in the town is your choice? Go and find some coffee!

Players will be able to explore the town, do quests from work, friends or people on the street. Voice in the Head will accompany them through the story and will be able to help in extreeme situations such as emergency coffee need (or ruin everything).

Plot twists will include the Voice in the Head, secret recipe of coffee, Cookies Cult, and leaving the Town.

Start: The Town


Voice in the Head: First time


Coffee in a can. Awful but still coffee.

Not enough Coffee Energy for this reply


Enough Coffee Energy for this reply


The Town. Night.


Really good coffee.

About Developer

I love games with a strong storytelling core (with mystery, space, or mystery in space). My favorite games are Alan Wake, Control, Mass Effect, Death Stranding. Also I love creating things and learning new. So after meeting the Unreal Engine I did not hesitate and started to make my game. My team includes 3 people: me, Alexander Zernov and Evgeny Zhukov. Together we created the story and brainstormed core and level mechanics. And I make everything in Unreal Engine.

Our location is the small town Peresvet in Moscow Region. Evgeny is my brother with a huge passion and extremely large experience in games. Alexander is my soulmate, we create a lot of things together: music, videos, ideas and so on.

And I am Anna. I've studied languages, music, sound engineering, culture, art, game design and Engines (last two by my own). I was a technical director in a jazz club but I wanted to create interesting things using all my skills and knowledges (and learning new). And Alex worked as sound engineer in a recording studio. With same passion. Evgeny has a lot of art and game ideas (and he is a perfect tester!). And all of us share love for coffee. Eventually I found a perfect area of creation: video games. They are fun, contain cool stories, and may be pieces of art. So here we are with our Coffee Game!