“Система Кобальт” это шутер от первого лица, который также включает в себя некоторые элементы исследования и изучения местности. Действие дополняется поиском различных секретов, “пасхалок” и артефактов. Сюжет затрагивает тему конфликта, происходящего в древности на Марсе. Главный герой “Кобальт” является хранителем древнего Марсианского храма. Он пытается вернуть реликвию, украденную местным синдикатом религиозных фанатиков в целях воскрешения их темного божества.

Project Introduction

“Cobalt System” is a first person shooter with elements of exploration about a conflict on ancient Mars where ancient relics and holy shrines hide beneath the sands and in secret halls waiting for you to reveal them. It depicts the battle between the main character named “Cobalt” who is the guard of the ancient Martian temple and a local syndicate of religious fanatics that steal a holy artifact from that temple in order to resurrect their god.

About Developer

My name is Ivan Vavilov, CEO of Luminifern Software. My career in game industry started in 2003 at "Bravo Interactive" company. I always dreamed about my own project and after some time I got the opportunity to create my company and start working on the first game prototype. At the current moment there are two people in our team - me and sound designer from France. We met in 2016 when we began working on the prototype of our previous project called "Cydonia Virgo". Our dream is to create a good, interesting and memorable project and we put all our effort for this dream to come true.