Project Introduction

The player has at his disposal two playable characters with unique abilities, combining which you can pass all levels. The thief can shoot a bow, she is more nimble and jumps higher. The Artifact Defender, on the other hand, is slow and sluggish, but can use his helmet as a shield or parachute by jumping from great heights.

A special feature of the game is the interaction between the characters. The archer can easily and quickly build a ladder from his arrows. The Artifact Defender can be used as a springboard to keep the archer from hitting the floor when she lands. Also, an arrow fired can roll the Artifact Defender to the other end of the level, quickly bypassing various obstacles and traps in this way.

The variability of the mechanics allows you to complete the levels in different ways. For particularly savvy players, this can reduce a large amount of time.

About Developer

We are a small ambitious game development studio. Its owner has many years of successful business experience in another sphere (IT). So after gaining experience in recruiting and managing a team, setting up business processes, and raising the necessary funds for game development, he decided to create a game development studio, a long-time dream.

Caves Of Egypt took inspiration from the 1993 Sega game The Lost Vikings and the Trine series. Going forward, we want to create games with more mechanics that are interesting and understandable to players.

We have a lot of ideas and desire to create quality games. With every new game we will raise the level of quality and the scale of the created games. Especially games like The Witcher or RDR2, which have complicated mechanics, are always very popular. Of course, we still have a long way to go to AAA games. So the current goal for the next few years is to come up with isometric RPGs with interesting and complex mechanics. There is a great desire to become on par with such studios as Obsidian Entertainment, Larian Studios and Owlcat Games.

And now, we hope you'll enjoy our first creation. :)