Project Introduction


The game doesn't let you stand in one place during the battle, it makes you to think quickly, choose the best weapon for the current situation, explore the enemies and the environment to create your own tactics.

The levels are arenas. You can explore them before the battle. When you are ready, you need to pick up the crystal from the stand. This activates several waves of enemies, after the destruction of which a portal to the next level opens.

Cure and ammo were originally exclusively in the form of drops from killed enemies, later on low difficulty levels, regenerating ammo containers were added, also having the function of explosive barrels.

It is assumed that you will die several times before overcoming the arena. Deliberately frequent deaths are offset by a checkpoint after each wave of enemies and the ability to change difficulty at any time. Optimal difficulty depends not only on your skill, but also on your ability to try to pass a difficult moment over and over again to experience satisfaction when it is passed.

There are 9 types of enemies, of which at least 7 attack in a special way. Without describing each in detail, it is worth saying that there are flying and walking, shooting and attacking at close range, weak and mini-bosses among them. There are also enemies with special abilities: teleportation, temporary invulnerability.


The plot is currently absent and, if it appears in the future, will be abstract and unobtrusive.




Shoots bursts of plasma. Enemies killed with this weapon explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies; this is especially effective against crowds chasing the player. Later, alternative fire is added in the form of lightning. The lightning does not require careful aiming and is effective, for example, against agile enemies.



At the beginning of the game, it is single-barreled and does not consume ammo. The need to get close to enemies functionally makes it similar to a melee weapon.

Later it becomes double-barreled, consumes ammo, but deals more damage and has a larger angle of impact. It remains possible to switch to the first version, for example, if the ammo suddenly run out.

Later gains a grappling hook that allows you to pull yourself towards enemies. Pulling towards them from above damages them in the collision. By holding spacebar during the collision, you are thrown back up, which can be used for combo kills.



A powerful weapon with a relatively long reload time, effective at any range. The projectile pierces through the killed enemies. It has significant recoil when shooting while jumping, which has many uses. When you hold the right mouse button, the camera zooms in, the slowmo turns on and an enhanced shot is being prepared (this takes about a second). Such shot uses hit scan and pierces through even the enemies that are not killed.


Rocket launcher.

Fires missiles that increase in blast radius as they fly down (if you launch them from height).


Other features

It is possible to assign a quick launch of a missile with a return to the previous weapon on a mouse wheel press, removing the rocket launcher that does not have alternative fire, from the scroll. Any of the other weapons can be put on Shift, also removing it from the scroll and leaving there only two that require the most frequent switching between them. In general, this greatly increases the convenience and speed of switching to the desired type of weapon.

There is a type of enemy that throws grenades at the player. If you shoot a grenade down in its flight, it drops cure and ammo.

There is a type of enemy that attacks with balls that burst, leaving poisonous puddles. It is possible to lure enemies chasing the player into these puddles, which will quickly kill them.

When you are killed, cure can be attracted to you and revive you before you fall.


Degree of readiness and plans

At the moment, the game has a well-thought-out set of weapons and basic combat mechanics. The dynamics and variety of gameplay grows from level to level. The necessary instructions are also built in. Battles in general give the desired feel. In a word, the game has everything to captivate the player for the evening and be perceived as complete.

However, I would like to significantly develop the game, for a number of technical reasons, porting it to a normal 3d engine in a low-poly form, maintaining the overall feel of the current visual style.

For example, it is planned to make labyrinth levels with several arenas (like those that now represent the entire level), moving between which the player could take a break from the battle, and also make some perks that are given now unconditionally require separate obtaining, otherwise the players who ignore the instructions simply won't know about them.

About Developer

My name is Valeriy Kasimirov, I'm in Volgograd, Russia. I'm an art student and (because of the development of this game) a compelled amateur programmer. One day I wanted to create a good FPS from my point of view. As I couldn't use 3d engine and 3d editor and didn't want to learn, I took my old pseudo-3d developments (made as experiement years ago) and started to make the game based on them.

Later I met synthwave composers Anastasia Osipova who made main menu and ambient theme and Maxim Shipilov who made battle themes.

Sound effects were ordered from sound designer Michael Kazakov.