Burn the Witch


Burn the Witch is inspired by the works of Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch and Zdzislaw Beksinski.

What we have

The necessary tools presented by video games to delve into a dark and mystical world. a short essay on rethinking some of the orthodox game mechanics and storytelling forms. overall, unlike our second project called Offering, there's no total reconstruction and turning everything upside down, it's a more down-to-earth project. but we hope that doesn't stop you enjoying it.

The most important thing for us is the feelings and the story we want to convey to you in the form of the most accessible and universal human experience — videogames.


In a world where fading nature is fighting for its last chance to survive, an ancient servant of the dying clan of the Abyss — Reon and his associate Raven — are entrusted to destroy a large coven of witches who have finally taken over the forest outside the cult's dominion. They are have the last surviving natural resources, but they cannot simply take away what they so fervently guard. rheon realizes this may be his last assignment, but he won't give up.

Anyway, despite his unshakable faith in himself and his clan's philosophy, the further he goes, the more he begins to doubt the validity of the nightmare. and he discovers more and more horrifying things that are beyond human comprehension.

About Developer

UPD - The project no longer have a programmer. ~Now I am alone. If you want something to help or contact for the purpose of cooperation write to me on discord or instagram. Because of this - build will remain as it is now as a roller. alas.

Also here looking for a programmer for my two games - https://freelancehunt.com/project/offering/947297.html

Things started to happen when we started developing games that I couldn't even dream of doing, namely - it all started with our second project, which is now in development - Offering. It was as if a curse overtook me. Everyone around me began to die, stuck knives in my back and suddenly left me. Remaining all alone, on the verge of suicide, to endure so much pain and draw conclusions and questions from it that are still unanswered. This is what our project is about - unvoid.

My name is Kesha and I suffer from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. The drugs make my existence a little easier. I create animations, setting and sound. a person who breathes life into this, giving a heartbeat - Vadim. My junior high school friend and programmer.
Since 2015 I have been making music, recorded two experimental albums, and since 2017 I have been doing animation, art and editing in parallel. the site of the project, which has now temporarily suspended its work, did the same.

Actively running an instagram with art, games and music - https://www.instagram.com/imevilimevilimevil/

In the summer of 2020, we came to the conclusion that we can combine our skills and try to do something together. So a couple of game projects appeared and safely disappeared. Until we started making an experimental offering art game.

Then I realized what we had to do. Also, bypassing all possible boundaries and forgetting about soulless, exclusively commercial projects.

Now we decided to complete Burn the Witch for Indie Cup. The game itself was made for a three-day jam, which, unfortunately, due to a heap of technical failures, we could not get into. We hope that despite a lot of technical, material and time constraints, we will be able to give you the maximum experience of a completely different spectrum of emotions. And it is possible to discover something in yourself, to understand and accept yourself in a new way.

We are located in a fun city of Kursk.