Project Introduction


The protagonist arrives in the fortress of the Order of Themis after another investigation, but instead of the usual friendly atmosphere, he sees the ruins of the fortress and the corpses of his comrades. Scarlet blood mixed with a black liquid of unknown origin and spread all over the floor. He passes through the entire hall and opens the door of the meeting room, where the commander of the order was supposed to be. The commander hangs nailed to the wall, and his body looks like all the blood has been sucked out of it. There is a note next to his corpse, on which is scratched: "Strange dark creatures began to appear on the lands of the continent. The culprit of this is a certain organization "Eclipse". The only clue leads to the village of Lotin..."

Basic mechanics

Enemies are divided into six factions - cults of the elements. Each enemy has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, under which it is necessary to select a combat style and equipment. For this, systems of hardening and enchanting equipment have been implemented, which allow you to prepare for enemies of certain elements. The dodge system also allows you to diversify the possible behaviors of the player, and the skill tree - to improve the necessary skills and characteristics.

Thanks to the non-linear quest system, working in tandem with the reputation system, there is a possibility of passage based on the individual choice of the player, and the world dynamically reacts to the decisions made by him.

About Developer

Cyber Kasha Company is the team of four enthusiastic students. The main activity of the team is the development of their own Bridge Into Darkness project and carrying out orders for the development of games from other agencies. The team was formed in 2019.