Project Introduction

Breaking Time’s story begins with the main character arriving at a Motel with the intention of picking up a mysterious package. As soon as main character manages to retrieve his package, a murder occurs in the building. A detective, hot on the trail of a dangerous serial killer, holds everyone in the Motel at gunpoint; refusing to let anyone leave until the killer is found. Main character is no ordinary person: from time-to-time he manifests himself into another reality where he can memorize “projections.” Allowing him to predict upcoming events back in the real world. Choose wisely: main character can only memorize just a few of the given projections. The player will need to make difficult, impactful choices and choose their actions wisely.
Can main character reveal the hidden truth behind the guests at the Motel, prevent the terrible
“inevitable” and escape the prison of time?! Only time will tell. Remember: the end is a new beginning.

About Developer

The main development team consists of three people and a composer. Team members have different talents, which allow us to work together to release this simple, but unique project. Below is a summary of the main team members:

1) Berezin Igor - He mainly works as a game-designer, screenwriter, translator and level-designer. Has been writing scripts and developing games for over 7 years. Appreciates the original approach even in simple concepts, as well as the originality of the storyline and more lively characters. The goal in life is to create creative projects that will bring unique experience and impressions, as well as improve different talents and gain new abilities.


2) Ekaterina Okhotnikova - designer, illustrator. Works with design, illustrations, comics, characters, as well as storyboards for cinema, animation and advertising. Extensive experience, more than 12 years, with the film industry, creative agencies, magazine publishers, as well as game development. In her spare time illustrate Shakespeare, creating comics as a co-author and paints pictures. Love to learn new things and improve her skills. 


3)Nikolay Unru - For more than 8 years. Have been involved in the development of game projects of various genres (from social games to 3D slashers). Have a lot of experience with various game engines: Unreal Engine, Cryengine, Godot. Run his own YouTube channel about game programming. At the “Breaking Time'' project, writing game logic.


4) Lyubov Orlova - songwriter, works with music production. Attracted to the themes of mysticism and psychological searches. Would like to arrange soundtracks, ambients and sound design for games in the genre of horror, thriller, fantasy. Have a personal project with the author's songs.