Project Introduction

This game does not have a plot and good graphics (for now), but a lot of mechanics will allow you to have fun with friends.

Some mechanics are borrowed from old Sega/Nes games, but there are also new ones. The main mechanics of the game is the ability to move your hands freely, thanks to it you can speed up by starting to run like Naruto, you can dig out blocks of sand by starting to rotate your hands in a circle. If an object flies at you, you can catch it on the fly by putting your hands in its direction.

Close combat is tied to the "move hands" mechanics. The mechanics are simple but very diverse. To perform grab, you need to touch the opponent's body with your hands, and the type of grab will be selected based on the states of the attacker and the grab victim. There are several grapples that trigger mini-games: keep Balance, press buttons quickly, guess the direction of the strike to perform a counter grapple.

Items are often scattered on the maps, the use of each of which has its own peculiarity. For example, you can jump on a shovel, stuff an opponent into a Pokeball and eat it, eat a molecule to gain superpowers, throw snowflakes at an opponent and push the resulting snowball, knocking down other opponents on the way.

The main goal on each map is different - sometimes you need to run to the flag among the first, sometimes you need to eat the required number of items without dying of hunger, and in survival mode you need to kill everyone, remaining the only living player (team of players). Players can be divided into teams in any composition. It can be 8 teams of 1 player, or 2 teams of 4 players, for example.

Death does not leave the player bored. When they die, the characters are reborn as ghosts and can seriously harm the surviving players - set traps for them, dig the ground under them, throw objects at them.

About Developer

My name is Ludwig Vitovsky, I live in Kazakhstan. The current version of the game was created by me alone. I am working on this project in my free time. It's been 2 years since the development started. As a child, I spent a lot of time playing video games and dreamed of learning how to make them myself. Now I have knowledge and a lot of free time, which I spend with pleasure creating my own dream game.