Muted Games

Blasterbeat combines a mechanics of both a third-person session shooter and a rhythm game, with the sound being a key element in the overall game design. The audio-visual system we built translates audio markers into certain game events, so visual effects are activated to adapt to ever-changing gameplay. Thus, everything always remains in sync with what is happening on the screen.

Sound design should be at its best when it comes to shooter games. Moreover, rhythm games always imply a decent soundtrack, to begin with. We have combined the best of two worlds to create a unique audio-visual gameplay experience.

This is an outstanding game in its type - the world's first online rhythm shooter. Two different game genres have been combined in one game, resulting in vibrant gameplay where the music sets the rules. It's an exciting shooter, really enjoyable to play with your friends and practice your sense of rhythm.

About Developer

A small team from Moscow in our spare time we make a dream project ;)