Indie Cup W’21


Максим Нуриев

Main Idea

BigChick is an action-puzzle game in the spirit of the good old "Lemmings".

Main Description

BigChick is a family-friendly action-puzzle game in the spirit of the good old "Lemmings".

The islands are sinking... Chickenfolk can't swim and fox bandits won't miss an opportunity to gobble up a bird or two even on the verge of apocalypse... What a disaster!
Fortunately Big Chick is here to save the day! Use poultry magic to summon new patches of land from the ocean depths and micromanagement skills to lead your people to the safety of the sacred Big Barn.

Be the Chicken Moses! Let your chickens go!

Player controls one superhero. Our hero builds new roads (or digs canals), so little chicks can get to the safe destination point. Younglings move along the path without stopping once they find it. Superhero is also able to protect and accelerate nearby chicks.

Chaos on the map is happening all the time, the landscape is constantly changing. Player has to plan and predict the course of events, monitor dozens of constantly moving units, grab useful powerups and make quick but balanced decisions.

About Developer

Two indie developers:

Maxim Nuriev (Russia, St. Petersburg) - game design and programming.
Volodymyr Yakubovich (Ukraine, Lviv) - art and music.