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Beyond The Darkness

My Little Studio

Main Idea

Horror fairy tale with unique mechanics.

Main Description

A horror adventure game in which you have to help little girl Millie overcome her nightmares and find her parents.

Features of the game

  • Unique obsession mechanic.

  • Constant tension of the player.

  • Hard moral choices.

  • An interesting mixture of horror and fairy tale.

The main mechanics of the game are based on obsession and magical light objects. Millie always needs to be in the light, without light, the effect of obsession begins to accumulate in her. The more the effect, the more the environment around her becomes aggressive. Everything starts to turn into monsters trying to kill her.

Millie has a magic lamp, being in the light of which she is invulnerable to obesity, but the lamp consumes energy, which means that she must constantly be looked for in the light sources around us.

About Developer

We are a small development team from the city of Obninsk. We started out as just a bunch of people who are good at programming and are interested in game development. We've done dozens of distant game-like reminders until we've got enough experience to do good projects.

In the gaming industry, we are primarily inspired by the experience and sensations that a game can convey to the player in any way possible, so we always try to keep the focus on this when developing.