Warm Lamp Games

Main Idea

A game about a life of a person in a totalitarian state, about spying on people and making difficult moral choices.

Main Description

You’ll LIVE in a grim dystopian future where a totalitarian State owns your life! Laws are oppressive. Surveillance is total. Privacy is dead.

You’ll SERVE the State that appointed you a manager of an apartment house! Dwellers are moving in and out; your daily routine is to make your house a sweet spot for renters. However, that is just a facade that you maintain.

You’ll SPY on tenants! You must PEEP and EAVESDROP. You must BUG apartments while dwellers are away. You must SEARCH the rooms for whatever can threaten the authority of the State. You must PROFILE people and REPORT on anyone capable of violating laws or plotting subversion against the State.

But will you USE authority to keep within the law? Or will you CHOOSE to pursue your own interests?
Will you report on a father of a family and orphan his children? Or will you withhold information on his illegal activities and give him a chance to fix everything? You may as well choose to blackmail him to get the money your family desperately needs. What will you do when your LIFE depends on the person you must report on?

You will meet tens of characters; you will complete dozens of quests. You will make decisions, eventually affecting the way the storyline unfolds. You will wind up with one of multiple game endings; the ending that you are fully and solely responsible for.

Just remember: Every choice of yours has consequences you’ll have to deal with!

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